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    Michael Costantino
    World History
    CE Econ
    Room #701
    Phone Ext.: 3767
    Undergrad: Bachelors of Science- Social Studies Education- Bob Jones University
    Graduate: Masters of Arts- Economic Education and Entrepreneurship- University of Delaware

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    Course Assignments and Updates:

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


                    In our class, we are utilizing Google Classroom as a means for class updates, announcements and source for assignments. This resource utilizes the google accounts that each of our students has from the district. Each of the students are expected to sign up for our class on google classroom. This way every student has the ability to ask questions, comment and download assignments/ notes and other handouts for class. This will be the primary source for downloading assignments (rather than Home Access) due to being able to keep all directions more clear. Home Access will still be used to view grades but assignment attachments will not be uploaded to this source.


    Google has also updated Google Classroom so that parents can now receive updates on what assignments are assigned, when they are due and if they are missing. Although students are not required to turn their assignments in electronically, they will need to check off that they have completed the assignments to prevent any unnecessary emails from being sent out. Just as a precaution, if you see that your child is missing an assignment on Google Classroom, check Home Access to see if a grade has been entered in. If a grade has been entered, then your son/daughter just forgot to check off that they completed it. If no grade has been entered, most likely the assignment was not completed/turned in. If you have not received any emails about updates, please check your email and spam folder for an invite from Google. If you still have not received an email, please let me know the email that you would like to use and I can try re-entering it. Please keep in mind that this is a new feature and there may still be some bugs that Google will need to fix.


    Thank you for your help and cooperation with helping your student be successful!



    Michael A. Costantino
    Boyertown Area Senior High
    Social Studies