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    The Department of Health has a new 14-day rolling calendar that is part of the attestation agreement.  This calendar helps schools monitor how many cases are current based upon a rolling 14- day time period.  According to this new document, we will notify the DOH of any positive case in the district but are only required to include on the 14-day rolling calendar the cases who were in school while infectious.  The infectious period is determined for Covid-19 as 2 days before the onset of symptoms until the end of the person's isolation period.  During periods when school is closed or the learning environment is fully virtual, there is no need for notification, as students/staff are not in the building.

     We ask that you please keep in mind that we can only report on the positive cases we are made aware of.

    Last Updated on April 9, 2021, at 1:45 PM.  New In-Person Learners Enrollment 3/1/2021.


         Positive COVID-19 Data (New Identifications):

  • NOTES:

    ' already out of school when the result came in

     * Notified prior to school starting on 8/31/20

    #Cases that occurred at a non-sanctioned sporting event

    ***Includes probable positive case on 11/25/20

    $ One of these staff members visits both elementary and secondary buildings.  Their last day in the building was spent at NHUF.

    No Cases reported week of 9/7,9/21/9/28/10/19, 11/2


    Students or parents/guardians with health or exposure concerns should contact their family physician and the appropriate school's health suite.