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    Business 6

    Sixth grade students in this class will be introduced to the importance of file management and the organizational skills necessary to manage personal and school related files. The essential aspects of multimedia presentations will be discussed and will be incorporated in a final multimedia presentation. Microsoft Office will be introduced and discussed for the purpose of solving problems, completing tasks, and managing information.

    Business 7

    Seventh grade students in this class will be introduced to coding and how computer programming can make problem solving easier and more efficient. Business ownership will be introduced with a focus on entrepreneurship and how it integrates creativity, motivation, and business principles. Students in seventh grade will also continue learning about Microsoft Office and which application best fits a specific problem or task.

    Business 8

    Eighth grade students in this class will learn about personal finance and how borrowing money has both costs and benefits. They will continue their education with coding and work on their problem-solving strategies. Students will create a multipage report where they will need to use multiple Microsoft Office Applications in order to solve problems, show data, and organize information.