• HSA Fundraisers

    Donations are always appreciated. If you prefer not to participate in fundraising events, but still wish to help support activities for your child, feel free to make a donation. The full donation amount goes directly to CES student activities. Make checks payable to “Colebrookdale Elementary HSA” and write “donation” in the memo space on the check.

     KidStuff Coupon Books – August 26 through September 16.

     Pellman Cakes and Pies – just in time for Thanksgiving.

     Clothing Drive – This is the simplest of all fundraisers! We clean out our closets, and the HSA gets paid 20¢ per pound of donations including all sizes of usable clothing, accessories, linens, stuffed animals, and other toys. We will have one collection date on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

     Gertrude Hawk Candy – Just in time for Easter! Catalogues and order forms are sent home with the students. This committee helps tally orders and count money following the two-week sale period. On the delivery day, this committee distributes items to the parents.

     Walk-a-Thon – Another great fundraiser with nothing to sell! Students obtain pledges for walking around a track on the school playground. The students walk to earn money for their school and a chance to win some great prizes! (Friday, May 15). 

    Rita’s Fundraiser Night – This is a fun night for everyone. Simply come out to Rita’s with your friends and family. CES receives 10% of the sales that night. A few volunteers are needed to run the “Game Wheel.” We make 100% of the profit from the game wheel. We ask for a few teacher volunteers to sell the discount cards and we make $4.00 per card sold. (Tuesday, September 17, 2019 and Tuesday, May 12, 2020)