Our classroom is a bright and cheerful place to be. Let me show you around...

    We have desks, not tables, in our classroom. Each of my students has his or her own desk and is responsible for keeping it neat and organized.

    Each student has his or her own coat hook in the closet. Everyone also has a mail folder hanging on the closet doors. I put important papers in these folders and send them home each Friday.

    We have a large classroom library. I love to read so I love to collect books! I share my book collection with my students as long as they promise to be responsible. We'll learn how to choose just the right "good fit" book in the first few days of school.

    Everyone contributes to our classroom community by taking responsibility for some part of our daily obligations. Each student will have a job to do. Some of them include; mail carriers, florist, computer tech, athletic director, board member, librarian, oh -- and Ms. Wightman's assistant!

    On rainy or very cold days we have to stay indoors for recess. To make it more fun, we have lots of cool games in our classroom collection. Jenga was really popular with my students last year. Maybe you'll find a new favorite.

    When working with small groups or individual students, we usually gather around the hexagon table. This is where we'll have writing conferences, guided reading groups and math meetings.

    There is almost always something growing in our classroom. Whether it's a self-contained terrarium like the one pictured above, an animal from our animal studies unit or another plant or flower, there is always something green!