• The following stories were written by students in my 4th grade class during 2008 - 2009 school year. I hope you'll enjoy reading about their experience in our classroom.

    Martin Stone Quarry

    by Jacob & Tommy

    We learned a lot when we went on a field trip to Martin Stone Quarry. We learned one of the cars there was worth more than one million dollars! After we learned about different types of trucks we learned about safety and what we needed to wear. We had to wear helmets and safety goggles every them we stepped out of the bus.

    We also learned that when they dug down they had to dig in the shape of a wedding cake.

    Then we learned about the different types of machinery and what its job was. For example, the one piece of machinery was to crush the really big rocks into little rocks. We also learned that they used some of the rocks to make a baseball diamond mix.

    Then we learned about a piece of machinery that took some of the rocks and swung them onto a belt that dropped the rocks into a big metal rectangle which was stored away. Those were some interesting facts about Martin Stone Quarry.

    Terrariums by Heather

    As part of our unit on wetlands and watersheds, we also studied the water cycle. Ms. Wightman announced that you could make a terrarium to observe the water cycle. All that you have to do is to get a clear jar, fill it with little rocks, put sand on top of it, then planting soil. Then, get a plant and put it in the jar. Include a cup filled with water, too. After a few days you can see the water cycle in action. Here are some of our terrariums below:

    Kindness Counts & Problem Patrol by Collyn, Alexa & Grant

    In our class we have weekly meetings. Sometimes Ms. Wightman has a few announcements or items to talk about. When she is finished we have a chance to share ideas and concerns. We also have a Kindness Counts and a Problem Patrol.

    Kindness counts is a box to put notes in when someone does an act of kindness at school. During our meetings, Ms. Wightman will read all the notes. Next, she will put all the notes back in the box and pick out two or three "winners." The winners get to choose a prize from the prize box.

    Problem patrol is another box that we put notes in if we are having a problem. If someone does not want anyone to know who is having a problem they can write the note anonymously. During our meetings, Ms. Wightman will read about the problems and we all have a chance to offer an idea to help solve the problem.

    Writing Portfolios by Brooke

    When we finish writing a story and Ms. Wigthman grades it, we put it in our writing portfolio. It is a special box that we have decorated with our picture. This year we made it out of a pizza box. We put our old work in our portfolio so we can look over it and make some improvements to our work. It helps us a lot in writing. We look at our mistakes so we can correct them and do better in the future. At the end of the year, everyone in Ms. Wightman's class chooses four or five stories to edit and revise and include in a personal "Fabulous Fourth Grade Portfolio."

    How to Read-to-Self by

    Casey & Meghan

    In our class we read-to-self. It is part of the "Daily 5." First we find a good fit book. If your book has three words you can't read on one page, it's not a good fit book. Next we find a comfy place and a comfy pillow. Then we read for about thirty minutes. We can't stop reading -- we just love to read!

    Now we told you about something special in our class. We hope you can learn to read-to-self just like we did in our 4th grade classroom.

    Flat Stanley by Heather

    Have you ever read about the adventures of Flat Stanley? Ms. Wightman read us the story of Flat Stanley and then we made our own Flat Stanley dolls. We sent them out in the mail all around the country. Many of them have come back to school to tell us about their trip.

    Our Flat Stanley dolls have long trips. Some have gone as far as Hawaii! A few of them have come back with special and sometimes yummy gifts! They sometimes come with special food from where they visited like candy and chips. They all come back with a letter or a journal about their trip.

    We love hearing what Flat Stanley does on his adventures. Sometimes, we get pictures, too! That is pretty interesting.