• This Land is Your Land!

    Pack your bags and prepare for the trip of a lifetime! Our journey across the USA begins right here in PA. We'll learn about our state, our government, the physical and cultural geography of Pennsylvania and the natural resources found here. We'll identify the big industries and the agricultural (farming) features.

    As part of our study, we'll take a field trip to Harrisburg to see some of Pennsylvania's leaders, past and present. We'll also have a chance to time travel -- we'll see some of Pennsylvania's oldest handmade relics at the state history museum.

    As we leave PA we'll explore the country by region beginning in the Northeast. From there we'll travel onto the Southeast, the South, the Midwest and the West. Students will understand what a region is and some of the unique cultural, economic and physical characteristics that each region is identified with. We'll take many virtual field trips and celebrate the rich diversity of our nation. Do you know what diversity is?