• Science is sensational!

    Our study of the planet begins with an exploration of the Earth's outermost layer; the crust. Students will develop an understanding of the scientific method by becoming junior geologists. They will examine rocks and their properties and identify minerals, too. Students will learn that rocks are not so different from chocolate chip cookies!

    Next, students develop an understanding of the human impact on natural systems through the study of watersheds and wetlands. They will know what a watershed is and how human activity can alter the environment. They will also explore the various kinds of wetlands and even go on a virtual field trip to the Everglades!

    During our third investigation, students develop an understanding of concepts related to motion and design. The 2008 - 2009 school year was the inaugural year for this unit and it won a lot of enthusiasm from students. We use K'Nex to build, modify and adapt various vehicles to meet certain design and performance challenges.