• We like to make math fun by playing games and using hands on activities. We will also continue to use the "Rocket Math" program for math fact mastery.

    Some of the material we'll cover will be:

    1st Quarter:

    Place Value, Estimating and Rounding

    Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers & Money

    Multiplicatoin and Division Concepts & Facts

    Time, Data & Graphs

    2nd Quarter

    Multiplying by One Digit Numbers

    Multiplying by Two Digit Numbers



    Fractions Concepts

    3rd Quarter

    Decimal Concepts

    Metric Measurement



    4th Quarter

    Two Digit by Two Digit Multiplication

    Long Division

    Investigation: Shape & Symmetry

    Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

    Investigation: Linear Measurement

    Changing Units and Comparing Measures

    Investigation: Polygons of Many Types