• Every year I am astounded at the talent level of the students at East. 
    Below are some samples of student art over the years.  These include the years where there were 9th grade students.
    Tempera paint on illustration board
    Popcorn drawing - Pencil and Colored Pencil on Paper
    Acrylic and Pencil on Illustration Board
    Mat Board and Watercolor
    Pencil and Charcoal on Paper
    Papier Mache, Cardboard, and Acrylic
    Pencil on Paper
    Colored pencil on paper
    Pencil on Paper
    Acrylic on Canvas Board
    Papier Mache, Cardboard, and Acrylic
    Acrylic on Illustration Board
    Acrylic on Styrofoam, with original print-out
    Pencil on Paper
    Low relief clay plate, glazed  
     Clay container sculpture
     Watercolor Landscape