• Architectural Design


    Architectural Design is a course that centers on effective, efficient design of land, spaces, buildings, and structures.  In order to successfully complete this course, you will design solutions to Architectural problems given in class using the concepts taught.  The class is divided into four main units, and details on each unit can be found below.

    Current Units and Projects 

    Please click on one of the pictures or links below to find out more about the awesome activities and topics in Architectural Design:

    1.     Land Development and Community Planning

    2..    Effective Room and Space Design

    3.     Residential Housing - Design a single-family home that is a maximum of 2400 sq. ft. and is designed for construction on an

    4.     Commercial Architecture - Design one or more commercial structures (e.g. fitness center, shopping, community center, etc.) that are appropriate for and add value to the community.