• Apps for iPads and iPods
    Below are some of the apps we will be using in the classroom...
    please note that some apps below cost money
    If you use some great learning apps, please share them with us!
    Counting Caterpillar
    Math Bingo
    Counting Money
    Motion Math~Hungry Fish
    Base Ten Bingo
    Top It
    Math Town
    Make 10 Plus
    Math Quiz Grade 1-3
    Number Run
    Todo Time
    Word Bingo
    Starfall~Learn to Read
    Lakeshore~Sound Sorting (beginning sounds)
    Lakeshore~Tic Tac Toe Phonics
    Little Speller~Sight Words
    Bugbrained~Phonics Awareness (Level 1 and Level 2)
    Word Wonderland
    Ending Sound Sorts
    Phonics`Blends, Digraphs, Long Vowels
    Word Thief
    Sight Word Sentence Builder
    ABITALK Sentence Builder
    Educational Apps
    Math and Reading: First Grade/Second Grade Learning Games (picture of an owl)
    Math and Reading: Teach Me Kindergarten/1st grade/2nd grade (picture of mouse)
    Science: BrainPOP Jr.
    Letter formation: Handwriting without Tears (Wet-Dry-Try)
    Chalk Pad (fun to practice writing words, numbers, etc.)
    Spelling: Super Spelling (add weekly words for your child to prctice, take tests, etc.)