Degrees and Certifications:

Dawn Fox

Always going to sporting events

Being a teacher is something I always wanted to be
Chocolate Hershey kissess are my favorite
Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best
Everybody in my family has blue eyes besides me
Fox is an easy name to spell and say
Grade 1 is a big year of growth
Home is where I like to be 
I have been teaching at GES for 30 years
July 4th at my house is celebrated with a big family party
Kutstown University Graduate
L ong walks around the block on summer mornings are great
M arried on the date of 7/31/1993 to Ryan Fox
Nutter Butters are amazing!
Ocean City NJ is my favorite vacation spot and would love to get a house their some day
Pets names: Chloe & Copper
Quiet person
R ain & Thunder scare my dog, Chloe
Summer is great because I get to be home with my children
Talking in front of people is not my thing unless it's kids
Very early riser
Wrapping presents is my favorite thing to do at Christmas
LaXtournaments keep me busy in the summer
I took 2Years off with the birth of each of my children
Zzzz...both my kids at home and school keep me very busy