• Students/Parents,

    Just in case you don't remember how to access the book these are the directions.

    1. Go to the home page for Boyertown Area School District
    2. Sign in (upper right-hand corner of the page) using the username and password you used today in class. (This must be done at school at the beginning of each school year before you attempting to log in at home)
    3. Use the select school tab (upper left corner of the page) and choose the Senior High School
    4. Select the parent/student tab and choose the bear cave under this tab
    5. Choose biology in the left-hand margin
    6. Open a chapter in the book

    To accessed email.  Students should use steps 1-3 from the directions above but to access email you need to:

    1. Choose the google apps tab (upper right-hand corner of the screen)
    2. Choose Gmail and sign in using the same username and password they used to sign into the school computer in class
    3. They may need to accept school wire access.
    Please encourage your child to confirm they can access both the online text and their email. 


    Mrs. Battinieri

    BASH Academic/Honors Biology