• to share a document in google drive

    1. Use the blue share icon in upper right hand corner of the screen
    2. A screen will come up where you will have the option to change who has access to your document - I would recommend choosing either People at Boyertown Area school district with the link or Boyertown Area school district SAVE this option for this document
    3. This screen will display your new choice and at the bottom of the screen you will be able to invite people.
    4. Type in the emails of the students or teachers you would like to invite to view your document.
    5. After you invite people you will see a tab to the right that says can edit. If you are sharing this with a teacher or group member make sure you check can make comments or can edit.
    6. If you are sharing with Mrs. Hilgner or myself please use the following emails



      DO NOT use our @student.boyertownasd.org which will come up as you
      start to type our in our email make sure it goes to the @boyertownasd.org email

    7. Then share and save.
    8. A screen will come up confirming you want to share this and with whom you are sharing 
    9. Whomever you shared with should get an email and should be able to open the document you shared as long
      as they are logged into their boyertown google account - if they aren’t they will be prompted to do so

    I will normally email you back to say I recd. your document and whether I can open the document or not -if you don’t get an email I didn’t get it!