• Student spending too much time on digital devices??

    Are digital devices plugging our children into experiences that actually fuel their creativity and make them consider the world beyond their neighborhood or are they robbing our children of some of the joys of childhood?
    A rewarding childhood should include experiences like climbing trees, playing tag, selling lemonade and daydreaming. Shouldn't it?? – or perhaps this thinking is based on our adult, childhood valued experiences? And are these still quintessential experiences for many of today’s youth or are they too glued to their small screens to partake in these types of activities?

    There are many pro's and con's for adults to limit a student's time on electronic devices. I view the most beneficial aspect of this digital age is the practise children have with their own personality. Students get to 'try out' how they are perceived by others using social media. If some of their views or ideas are not well received by the public, then they then don't need to voice them in the physical world.

    Surely technology opens up an amazing world of learning and productivity to today’s young students, but there are clearly dangers and legitimate concerns surrounding the use of these tools, and what constitutes too much use (if there is such a thing). It will probably be years before we start to really understand the impact of some of these drawbacks and potential issues. In the meanwhile, these tools are here to stay for the near term, so we need to have a vision for the future, and monitor their use so we can educate students on how to use them wisely.

    Will the internet and eLearning replace schools??
    I recently read an article about the world’s largest school. 45,000 students!!
    In this case, we’re talking not about virtual users on a website, but thousands upon thousands of loud, excitable school kids. Its a City Montessori School in India.

    This got me thinking. Is this the future of education?? After a while I decided no... I think not. And let me tell you why.

    I believe that the future of education will be both online and offline. That there is no such thing as a one­-size-­fits-­all school and education system. The great power of teaching online is not that it will suddenly replace our schools, nothing would be worse. I see the Internet as supplementing, and improving the more traditional education system. Why shouldn’t you learn math from the greatest educators in the world? Why shouldn’t you hear literature taught by the most esteemed professors and critics?
  • I agree

    I think all kids should have technology