• Language is made of up many parts:

    Semantics- "What words mean". Semantics refers to how we understand words,  organize them, and use them to convey our thoughts and ideas. (e.g., "star" can refer to a bright object in the night sky or a celebrity

    Morphology: How to make new words (e.g., friend, friendly, unfriendly)
    Syntax - "Grammar" How to put words together (e.g., "Peg walked to the new store" rather than "Peg walk store new")
    Pragmatics - "Social skills".  How we use language for different purposes, understand non-verbal cues and figurative language that add additional meaning to communication.  Also includes understanding of what word combinations are best in what situations ("Would you mind moving your foot?" could quickly change to "Get off my foot, please!" if the first request did not produce results)