• English and Language Arts (ELA):


     The reading workshop approach will be used in our classroom. This approach consists of mini-lessons on reading strategies, time to conference with the teacher, independent literacy work, and guided reading groups. A large portion of our reading instruction will be spent in guided reading groups.  This will allow me to work with small groups of children on the specific reading skills and strategies that they need to improve upon. 



     We will be using the Six Traits writing program to teach 3 types of writing: narrative, persuasive, and informative. This program focuses on using trade books to teach Ideas, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, Word Choice, Organization, and Voice. 



    The primary program we use is called Investigations, which allows for discovery and hands-on learning. We will also be using the Scott-Foresman series, which is a more step-by-step type of learning. The topics we will cover include number relationships, adding and subtracting numbers to 12, concepts of place value (ones and tens), measurement, geometry, double-digit adding and subtracting, and problem solving.



    In science we will be completing four units: Solids and Liquids, Weather, Pollution, and Organisms.


    Social Studies:

     We will explore units on Canada, Germany and China. In the 4th quarter, students will complete a research project on a country of their choice.
    First Grade Curriculum