Check out Class DOJO!
    Class DOJO is an online behavior management tool that we use daily in our classroom.  Students earn points or have points deducted throughout the day.  At the end of the week the students can redeem the points they have earned for a prize! 
    This awesome tool also allows both you and your child to take an active roll in your child's behavior.  Your child can log-on to his/her personalized account with the activation code provided to set goals and to personalize an avatar that will appear in the classroom the next day.   As a parent, you are able to download the app to receive notifications and check on your child's behavior throughout the day.  Another great feature of this app is that the students are able to show you what they are working on.  Throughout the year I will be taking pictures and videos of the students working and learning and will share them with you through the app as a way to invite you into our classroom!  Later in the year the students will be introduced to the "Selfie Center" where they will be able to record themselves, take pictures and draw and write about their learning to add to their portfolio and share with you via the app! If you or your child need your personalized activation code again to create your free accounts that are linked to our classroom, please let me know.