• Information Technology Services Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    This document serves as a set of guidelines to inform decision making within Information Technology Services (ITS) as well as a guide for community members to better understand the support services provided by ITS. The document is limited in scope in that it sets official policy for providing help through Support Center. Because ITS is very service minded there are other avenues by which service is provided, e.g., staff interact with faculty, staff and students across campus in many settings besides a formal “office call.” By setting down these policies and channeling requests for help through Support Center we hope to provide better service, have an accurate profile of user training needs and demonstrate the appropriate level of staff needed to handle the volume of requests. In developing this document, ITS and the Office of Teaching and Learning assume that training is an important aspect of effective support for the use of computer technology. Through tracking the kinds of questions received at Support Center, ITS plans to develop and offer timely and appropriate training sessions.
    This document will change over time as circumstances warrant and therefore it is a work in progress. The document was prepared by Information Technology Services and reviewed by District Administration. Questions and comments are welcome. Please contact the Director of Information Technology Services, Support Center Coordinator or members of ITS.

    Who Is Covered Under This Agreement
    This agreement is intended to cover all Boyertown Area School District departments, units, and programs.

    Methods of Contact

    The Support Center acts as a central point of contact for all technical support, including hardware and software questions and consulting, installations, networking, network connection requests, and troubleshooting. Faculty and staff should submit requests online, by email or if the issue is critical by calling 610-473-3500, Option1. Please note that due to staffing limitations phone support may not be immediately available at all times.

    Hours of Operation
    Assistance will normally be available from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, except when the District is closed due to holidays, administrative closings, or inclement weather. Phone coverage may not be available at all times due to staffing limitations. Requests can be submitted online or by email 24 hours a day.

    Responsibilities of Those Making a Request

    Before contacting the Support Center, users should explore help that is readily available in their departments. This help may include the help utility that is built into each application, the operating system software, ITS Website, and/or peers in the department
    When such local help has been exhausted and assistance is needed, then the users should contact the Support Center by submitting a work order online, by email. When contacting the Support Center provide the following information:
    • Complete contact information (first and last name, department, room number and classroom phone number) 
    • Type of computer on which you are experiencing the problem (PC or Macintosh, Desktop or Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android), and operating system (Mac OS X 10.8+, Windows 8.1, IOS 7+, etc)
    • A clear and specific description of the problem or request, including information regarding any error messages you may have received, screen shots, time of event, user logged in at the time, name of computing device/Asset Tag.

    Responsibilities of Information Technology Services

    Information Technology Services, using tracking software, will maintain records of incoming requests as they are received. If a user reaches a person by telephone, a Support Center staff member will try to determine the nature of the problem and refer the query to the appropriate specialist. Based on the “Priorities and Response Times” statement below the requests will be answered. However a Support Center staff member will make personal contact with the requestor within seven working days.

    Priorities and Response Times

    The Support Center will use the following guidelines in prioritizing requests and will strive to begin working on the problem within the target timeframe. Actual response times may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests at any one time.
    Target Response Time *
    1 - Critical
    Must be entered by ITS Personnel.  Requests or emergencies prohibiting staff or students from being productive. Requests that consist of one or more of the following:
    • Building or District-wide network or server outage.
    • Critical applications not working for the entire district

    • Security breach affecting the well-being of staff or students

    Support Center will contact technicians for immediate response.
    2 - High


    Incident that halts instruction/productivity where a functional workaround is not available.


    • Network, hardware or software problems affecting a subset of users in a single building

    • Curriculum cannot be delivered

    • Staff cannot perform their job

    • Network printing is not available

    Initial response within 4 working hours.
    3 - Medium
    Incident may disrupt instruction/productivity where a functional workaround is  available.
    • General hardware or software problems with devices serviced by the ITS Department
    • Hardware or software upgrades requests.
    • Changes to existing, working systems.
    Initial response within five working days.
    4- Low

    Information request and general questions as to:

    • How do I… 
    • When will… 

    • Where can I…

    • Training requests

    Initial response within ten working days.

    * Target Response Time is defined as the time between receipt of the call and the time than a Support Technician member begins working on the problem. Due to the wide diversity of problems that can occur, and the methods needed to resolve them, response time is NOT defined as the time between the receipt of a call and problem resolution.

    Replacement Cycle

    The average replacement cycle for district owned computers is 4 years. This includes all administrative, staff, faculty and student computers.

    Computer equipment (eg. iPads, iPods and document cameras) originally acquired through grant funding or direct departmental funds, will be replaced with suitable recycled systems and treated as secondary placement equipment, if additional grant money or departmental funding, is not available to replace it with new equipment.

    Expansion of computer equipment within buildings, must be approved by the Director of Information Technology in consultation with appropriate senior administrators.

    New Computer Hardware Expansion Guidelines
    Requests to add new computing equipment to our existing inventory, that are not being funded through grants or departmental funds, must be submitted to the Director of Information Technology, by the departmental chair or building Principal. The requests will be reviewed by a committee that will be composed of the Director of Information Technology, Office of Teaching and Learning Administration and/or other experts as appropriate to the request. Funding will be sought for requests that pass this review.

    Replacement Equipment Guidelines
    In an effort to improve support and keep costs down ITS selects computer configurations and models that will meet the computing needs of the average user for the term of the replacement cycle. ITS will upgrade components of the system as appropriate to keep it at a reasonable level of functionality for the term of the replacement cycle.
    The selected system should allow the user to create Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and web pages, as well as check e-mail and access information on the Internet in an efficient fashion.

    Software/Hardware Not Supported
    ITS will not assist in installing, using, or troubleshooting any products not approved or provided by the district. Please complete the appropriate form(s) located at: https://www.boyertownasd.org/Page/3289

    ITS reserves the right to remove any unsupported software if it is suspected the software causes a recurring problem on a district-owned system that ITS supports.