• Procedure for Setting up and managing Web Zones:
    Web Zones are a feature of our web filtering application that allows teachers and/or designated staff to set up virtual zones (think classroom or lab) where they control what internet access the computers in the zone have. For example, during a testing session a teacher may want to ensure that no other web sites outside of the online testing environment are available to students or conversely during free time between lab assignments a teacher may allow students to access web sites that are typically blocked for student use. The idea is to give teachers more autonomy and allow them to determine what internet resources students have access to and when they can access those resources.
    Within this document are links to a video tutorial from Light Speed to allow you to see the practical application of web zones and hear the terminology used and explanation of the controls. 
    Documentation and Tutorial:
    Here is a link to some training material from Light Speed that fully explains Web Zones and how they work as well as creating and managing them:
         Video:     Creating and Managing your Web Zone 
         PDF:        Creating a Web Zone
    Play the video at the end of the printed documentation for a step by step guide to setting up and managing your web zones.
    Teacher Access:
    Use this link to access the Web Zones area of Light Speed to create and manage Web Zones:
         Create a Zonehttp://lspeed.boyertownasd.org/zones
    Teachers will enter their BASD network username and password to enter their Web Zones management portal where they will have the necessary access to create and manage their zone.

    What URL formats are allowed?

    • URLs (web links) must be in the proper format. Do not include “http://” or “https://” in the URL.
    • Wildcards (placeholders) are permitted to allow or block all pages matching the wildcard. in Web Zones, the wildcard character is an asterisk (*) which means “any number or combination of letters.”
    • IP addresses may be specified in the list as well as URLs.
    • Any site NOT in the web filter’s Pornography or Security categories. Content in those categories will always be blocked, even if a teacher uses “*” to allow all available URLs.
    Type Entry Explanation
    Domain sample.com Allow or block everything on the sample.com domain
    Site *.domain.com/directory/*    Allow or block everything in a certain directory
    Top Level Domain    *.info/* or *.ru/* Allow or block an entire top-level domain name
    Proxies */nph-*.cgi/*/http/* Block unknown proxy servers
    Text within a URL *text* Allow or block any URL containing “text” within the string.
    IP address A complete single valid routable internet IP address


    Student Access:
    Once the zone has been created, the teacher can invite students to join by giving them this link:
    Teachers will need to provide the name of the zone exactly how it was created. The student will enter the first couple of characters of the appropriate zone, then select it from the list. Next they will enter their first name and last name and click the 'Send Request' button.