I am very excited to use a new technology-based behavior management system again this year called “Class Dojo.” I used this system last year for the first time and it worked wonderfully!  Students will be awarded points for exhibiting positive behaviors and points will be taken away for negative behaviors. At the end of the week, students will be able to use their points to “buy” coupons for activities such as switching desks with a friend for the day, taking your shoes off for the day, wearing a hat to school, or reading a book of their choice to our class. The student with the most points at the end of the week will also receive a certificate. Points do not carry over to the next week. 

    Within the first few weeks of school, you will receive an email to sign up online for Class Dojo. After you sign up, you will get weekly reports (sent home automatically each Friday) about your child’s behavior.  Reports can be accessed by computer, smart phone or a tablet device.  Here’s how to sign up:


    1. Visit www.classdojo.com/parent 
    2. Enter your name, email & create a password 
    3. Enter your parent code:  (this will be given to you)

    It will tell you exactly what positive and negative behaviors your child has exhibited in class each day that week. The behaviors on Class Dojo are directly related to the behaviors on our first grade report card and several of the rules we have established for our classroom. If a behavior is severe or needs further explanation, I will contact you.

    Students can also set up their own account from home to change their avatar and set goals for themselves each week!  To sign up as a student follow the same instructions as above and simply enter your child’s code that was given with your parent code.  This is a great way to get your child involved in improving his/her own behavior.