Resource Math

Resource Math

  •  Class Materials

    You will be expected to bring the following items to class everyday:

    • Pencils with Erasers
    • Folder
    • Spiral Notebook (Learning Log)
    • Scientific Calculator (TI-30X preferred)


    Expectations for Students

    You are expected to:

    1. Be on time for class
    2. Be prepared for class – Bring your class materials EVERYDAY
    3. Be responsible for your own learning- Work Hard
    4. Know the student handbook rules
    5. Respect yourself & others
    6. Be an active participant in class
    7. Do your homework every night


    Homework Policy

    Homework is very important to learning the material.  It is your responsibility to make sure your homework is complete and that you understand it.  If you are having trouble, please make arrangements for extra help.  We will go over homework in class various ways, but will not do every problem or spend more than five to ten minutes on the homework review.


    Fluency and Computation Tests

    These will be administered on Monday of every week.  Students will be rewarded for effort when appropriate and to help motivate students to try their best. 


    Learning Logs

    Students will use their spiral notebooks to take notes.  All formulas and examples should be written in the Learning Logs, and may be accessed during assessments. 


    Grade Calculations

    Finals grades are calculated using total points on the following weighted scale.

    Quarter 1: 20%   Quarter 2: 20%   Quarter 3: 20%   Quarter 4: 20%

    End of Course Assessment: 20%


    Extra Credit

    At times there may be problems or assignments available for extra credit.  These will be in the form of problems of the week, and will be available to the entire class.  Students can earn bonus tickets which can be used towards privileges and extra points.


    Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phones are not to be used in class.  Students are to place them in the phone caddy immediately upon entering the classroom.


    I am very excited for a great school year!  I expect you to work hard, be respectful, learn a lot, and enjoy the class!