Helpful At-Home Hints

  • Have fun!


    • Listen to your child read their guided reading book or library book each night.
    • Engage in meaningful conversation before, during, and after reading.
    • Read stories to your child or practice partner reading (alternate reading pages).
    • Ask your child about what they are reading independently in class or about our read aloud book. 


    • Encourage writing at home with a journal or diary. 
    • Provide fun writing tools such as markers or pens. 
    • Ask your child to write a sentence or two about their day.


    • Practice math facts with flashcards.
    • Ask your child to tell you the time on a clock. 
    • Ask questions pertaining to a.m. or p.m. (Example: When do we eat breakfast?)
    • Ask your child identify coins (name and value).
    • Ask your child to count up a set of coins. 


    If you would like more specific strategies, please contact me! I'm here to help!