• Children will be expected to complete the following on Monday-Thursday nights:

    1.  IRLA book to read

    2. Specific set of math facts to practice 


    Please also remember to initial the behavior calendar.  This will serve as a communication between home and school. 

    Thank You!! 


    Additionally, your child will need to complete the following one time throughout the school year:

    1.  Classroom Pet- Your child will be in charge of taking home our classroom 'pet' for the weekend.  They must write about one fun thing they did with their pet in the enclosed journal or make up a fun story that includes the pet.  Don't forget to either print out a picture or draw the pet doing these fun things.


    2.  Book of the Week- Your child must bring in his/her favorite book from home to read to the class.  The book will be displayed for other children to borrow and read.  At the conclusion of the week the book will be returned.


    *You will be notified when it is your child's turn to complete the classroom pet and book of the week activities.