• Monday-Thursday Homework:

    Homework each night includes:

    -An IRLA book to read

    -A specific set of math fact cards to practice

    Please also remember to initial the behavior calendar. This will serve as a communication between home and school. Thank you!

    Exciting Extras!

    Your child will have the opportunity to bring home our class pet (a cute stuffed animal)! He/she will write about the class pet's adventures at your home over the weekend. Whether you go somewhere special or just spend the weekend at home, please encourage your child to write a detailed story about it! You may choose to print out a picture or your child may draw a picture to go along with the story. Your child will share the journal entry on Tuesday with the class the following week. 

    In addition to the class pet, your child will also have the opportunity to bring a book from home as the Book of the Week. At this time, he/she will read the book to the class and then it will be on display. Our class will be able to read the book throughout the week and the book will be returned on Friday. 

     *Please note that you will be notified when it is your child's turn for the class pet/book of the week. 

    *These activities are meant to build our classroom community and to be fun! Thank you for your cooperation!