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    Boyertown Area School District Pre-K Counts Philosophy:

    Our program believes in providing a high-quality preschool program to our three, four to five-year-old children.  We have highly trained early childhood staff who provide safe and nurturing environments where the children's needs will be met, and learning will occur through many meaningful activities throughout the program day.  Our curriculum uses developmentally appropriate activities that keep the children actively engaged in learning and help provide a foundation for future success in school and life.  Parents are an essential part of their child's education, and we look forward to ongoing communication about their child's progress.

    Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive services to all enrolled Pre-K Counts children and their families.  By partnering with parents, staff, and community members, we offer services designed to promote the healthiest, safest environment where children, families, and staff can thrive and reach their full potential.

    Boyertown Area School District Pre-K Counts Goals:

    • Prepare and teach preschool children the school readiness skills needed to be ready for school success.
    • Provide opportunities for children and families in our program that will help prepare them for future school and life successes.
    • To build positive self-esteem in children and families 

    What can I expect from a Pre-K Counts Classroom?

    Boyertown Area School District PA Pre-K Counts classrooms will:

    • Employ teachers with the education and expertise to teach young children.
    • Allow children to participate in indoor and outdoor play daily.
    • Use a research-based curriculum to help your child grow academically and socially.
    • Regularly review your child's progress and choose the best teaching and learning activities for your child.
    • Help you and your child adjust to pre-kindergarten and smoothly move on to kindergarten.
    • Provide nutritious snacks daily.

    Who is eligible for Boyertown Area School District Pre-K Counts?

    Boyertown Area School District PA Pre-K Counts is designed for children who:

    • Are the age of 3 (by September 1, 2024) and before the entry age for kindergarten.
    • Children who are 4 years and older will have priority.
    • Boyertown Area School District PA Pre-K Counts is free to eligible families and is funded through Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts.  Families who earn up to 300% of the federal poverty level may qualify. 

    2024 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines Based On Annual Income


    Family Size

    100% (Head Start Eligible)

    300% (Pre-K Counts Eligible)

























    Each Additional


    +$16,140 for each additional family member


    Where are Boyertown Area School District PA Pre-K Counts classrooms located?

    Sessions are held at Boyertown Area Senior High and Washington Elementary School.

    How can I enroll my child in a PA Pre-K Counts classroom?

    The enrollment process has been updated for the 2024-2025 school year.  Applications will be accepted in person during application days on dates to be determined in the spring.  All applicants should bring their child and a full enrollment packet to apply.  Applications may not be considered for eligibility if the child is not present and/or the packet is not complete.  For applicants looking to enroll after our application days, an appointment will be made to meet with the Pre-K Counts coordinator.  During this appointment, we will meet the child and accept complete applications. 

    Our current enrollment appointments are scheduled for April 30 and May 6, 2024 from 4 - 7 PM.  To book you appointment, please use the link below:


    Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed or based on a first-come/first-served basis.  Acceptance will be based on income, additional risk factors, and our prioritization plan.  All applications will be scored after the application deadline, and 54 spots will be awarded.  If you are not accepted into the program but are eligible, you will be offered a spot on our waitlist and given other program recommendations.  When a spot becomes available, the applicant with the highest score will be offered the next available spot.

    The BASD Pre-K Counts program reserves the right to determine if we can meet the child's cognitive, emotional, and/or physical needs.  As part of this process, if the complete enrollment process has been met and the child is deemed eligible, the district may look to complete a developmental screening on the child.  If there is continued concern about the ability of the pre-k count's program to meet the student's needs, the PKC program may recommend a two-week trial period to evaluate further and determine the program's ability to meet the child's needs.  If we feel outside support is necessary to be successful in the program, acceptance, and continuation in the program could be contingent upon those supports being consistently available and implemented.

    When eligibility has been determined, and a student is accepted into the program, the family will receive a letter of acceptance from BASD Pre-K Counts.

    2024-2025 Enrollment Packet:

    1. Completed Pre-K Counts 2024-2025 Enrollment Checklist
    2. Completed application 2024-2025 Pre-K Counts Application
    3. A copy of your child's birth certificate
    4. A copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax form
    5. Completed Physical Form/Immunizations
    6. Completed Dental Exam Form
    7. Completed Emergency Contact Form
    8. Completed Pre-K Counts Publicity Form
    9. Signature Page From Pre-K Counts Student Handbook Signature Page
    10. Student Handbook Pre-K Counts Program Handbook

    Who do I contact with questions regarding BASD's PA Pre-K Counts Program?