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    Advanced Technology & Engineering is offered to students who successfully completed Technology & Engineering (1547). The activities in this course are more complex and require larger blocks of time to allow more in-depth study. The activities are develoed around the engineering disciplines and the technology education areas of communication, transportation, construction, and manufacturing. Projects include using the 3D printer to design and builda coin sorting and counting machine, design a robotic arm assembly to pick parts off an assembly line, or program an advanced traffic light at a busy intersection and may include others in electronics and programming microcontrollers, robotics, product design and development, engineering design, and modular construction. The advanced course will provide you with skills in research, leadership, and problem solving. Prerequisite: Technology and Engineering (1547)

    The class is organized around the following areas: Civil and Structural EngineeringMechanical Engineering and Transportation (including forces, energy, velocity, acceleration, simple machines, and Newton's Laws of Motion), Robotics, Automation, and Electrical/Computer Engineering, and Materials Engineering.

    Current Units and Projects
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    Coin Sorting and Counting Machine


    Click HERE to see more about the Coin Sorting & Counting Machine Project


    Automation, Electronics, & Microcontrollers


    Aerodynamics & Flight 
    Click HERE to see more about the Aerodynamics & Flight Project