• BYOT - 21st Century Learning
    We believe equitable access to technology will aid our students in becoming...
    • ...information producers rather than information consumers
    • ...self-directed learners and global team players
    • ...collaborative and creative problem solvers.

    The Boyertown Area School District 21st Century Learning Initiative is designed to provide students with a learning environment that promotes “anytime, anywhere” learning. This year, all high school students (grades 10-12) will have the opportunity to bring in their own personal computer (laptop, netbook or tablet) for educational use throughout the school day.

    BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

    Why are we doing this?

    • Applications accessed by a web browser, like Google Docs, eliminate the need to have specific software loaded onto every student computer.
    • Cloud based computing allows students to access their information from any computer with a web browser.
    • The current economic times require unique strategies to ensure every student has equitable access to online resources.

    When will BYOT be available to employees and students?

    • Employees - August 20, 2012
    • Senior High School Students - October 22, 2012
    • Junior High Schools Students - August, 2013
    • Elementary School Students - August, 2013 (e-readers only and no connection to BASD network at this time)