• When can students use personal devices?
    Students may use these devices at any time provided they have the approval of the classroom teacher. However, please note that the use of any camera functions other than for the expressed purpose of supporting classroom instruction is prohibited. The use of personal devices in any area where others would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as the Nurse’s office or a locker room, is strictly prohibited.
    What happens if a personal device is damaged or stolen?
    Incidents should always be reported to an administrator, a teacher or a School Resource Officer. In accordance with the District’s Acceptable Use Policy, the District assumes no responsibility under any circumstance whatsoever for the loss, destruction, misuse, or theft of any electronic or personal communication device that is brought to school at any time or to any school-sponsored activity.

    Can students use 3G/4G connections to access the internet?
    Under the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the District is required to provide a technology protection measure, such as an internet filter, that prevents access of harmful or objectionable content by minors. The use of a 3G or 4G connection to access objectionable content would actively bypass those protection measures that we have put in place. Accessing explicit or inappropriate content outlined in the District’s Acceptable Use Policy is punishable in accordance with the District's discipline policies.

    Who is allowed to use a personal device?
    The use of personal devices is restricted to District employees and students. The use of the WiFi network requires a valid District network username and password. Violations of acceptable use as outlined in the District’s Acceptable Use Policy can result in the suspension or revocation of network accounts, therefore removing a user's access to the WiFi network.
    Is this going to replace the laptop carts?
    Probably not. There are classroom activities where portable devices will be appropriate and a laptop cart would not be needed. However, there are lessons and activities that will require resources that a mobile device simply doesn’t have. The goal is to increase opportunities not only for students to use technology without placing a financial burden on the District, but also encourage students to utilize their own technology as a tool for anytime, anywhere learning. It is highly unlikely that the level of availability will be enough to fully replace the need for laptop carts.

    What do we do for students who don’t have any technology?
    The Department of Information Technology Services is currently investigating methods of delivering individual student devices to the classroom to augment BYOT, so that all students have a similar opportunity to participate in technology- rich instruction and learning.

    Is this the beginning of phasing out textbooks?
    The Strategic Planning Committee has recommended the use of digital content as part of a longer range initiative. The availability of digital resources could potentially supplant the need to purchase textbooks for students. While allowing students the capability of using their personal devices to access online content is supportive of digital resources, the implementation of BYOT does not necessarily lead directly to a shift away from textbooks. Any move to digital content will be a curricular decision separate and independent of the BYOT offering.

    To what will students have access with their personal devices?
    In simple terms, students will have access to any resource delivered solely through the web. Applications like Blackboard, Google Apps and Moodle would all be available to students. Other resources such as print services and server folders will not be available to student devices on the WiFi network.

    Where will students charge their devices?
    Data from districts across the country suggest that the vast majority of students will have access to a mobile device or tablet with sufficient battery life to last a school day provided the device was charged overnight prior to the start of school. We do not have the physical capacity to accommodate large scale charging of personal devices. Students who may have access to a personal laptop at school will need to charge the device prior to the start of the school day and should only expect limited access to outlets during lunch and study hall.

    Is there a device that District recommends or requires for BYOT?
    We are currently not requiring or endorsing a specific device. Please watch for future updates on this page. We plan on cataloging devices that are known to work and provide some pricing, links and general information to help parents who are considering a BYOT device for their child.

    I have my device, now how do I get on the network?
    Follow the steps outlined under Getting Connected.