Student Resources

  • Google Apps

    NEW for 2012-2013! Google Apps Education allows the district to provide email, sharable online calendars, and even a dedicated website to every faculty, students, and staff for free. Google Apps requires no hardware or software to install or maintain, since everything is delivered through a standard web browser on any platform -- anytime, from anyplace.  


    Student WebQuests

     Are You a Good Citizen?
     Community Helpers
    Grade 7 Summer Reading


    Preschoolers to 2nd graders will learn to read phonetically with interactive learning activities.


    This website has it all!  Interactive educational games including Cool Math, Math Arcade, board games, sports games, books, and comics.  (Kindergarten - 8th grade) 

    Fun School for Preschool age 

    Features coloring pages, alphabet and counting games for preschoolers.

    Fun School Grades K-6

    A great family educational site!  Interactive word games, fun craft videos, family activities, and much more.

    Storyline Online

    Want to read with a celebrity?  This site is sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and features actors reading books aloud.

    Into the Book

    Students in Grades 1-4 will learn how to improve their learning strategies by using interactive activities.  A great reading comprehension resource.

    Poetry 4 Kids

    If you love poetry, this site is for you!  You will find funny poems, a rhyming dictionary, poem writing contests, as well as lessons on how to write your own poems.


    Kindergarten to 3rd-grade students will play interactive math games, songs, and stories.

    Spelling City

    Students will participate in interactive learning games and activities for spelling and vocabulary practice.

    Vocabulary Games & Activities

    Build your vocabulary skills online with word searches and crossword puzzles.