• Margaret B. Haley

    English & Theater

    BASH 702

Margaret Haley
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  • 1092: ACADEMIC ENGLISH 9 (NCAA Approved Course) Students will experience a wide variety of literature, including fiction and non-fiction, poetic and dramatic selections. Writing and reading skills are emphasized; listening and speaking skills are incorporated in preparation for further education and careers. Traditional grammar, mechanics, and usage skills are continued as part of the writing process.

  • 1102: ACADEMIC ENGLISH 10 (NCAA Approved Course) This rigorous, standards-based course provides a solid foundation for students whose future studies and employment will require extensive use of English communications skills. Students will develop the vital skills of self-expression through speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with emphasis on grammar, content, and writing instruction. Special attention will be paid to the development of literacy in both fiction and nonfiction texts. Students will also learn to analyze various genres of literature in preparation for junior and senior level literature courses. The writing component of this course focuses on the integration of primary and secondary source material. A Literature Keystone Exam will be administered at the end of the course.

  • 1308: THEATER AND STAGECRAFT I Students in Theater and Stagecraft I will study principles of acting and theater conventions, learning the skills and techniques necessary for effective script analysis in order to create believable characters. Techniques of improvisation, diction and body movement will be included. Students will become fluent in basic performance terminology. Students will learn the basic principles of theatrical design, such as set design and construction, costuming, makeup, lighting, and sound, as well as direction and production. Participation in any capacity in one of BASH’s theatrical performances per year is required, such as the Fall Play, Musical, or in a spring production.