Parent Information and Resources for Reading Support

  • Information about Reading Intevention

    Our Team

    • Aimee Mraz, Reading Specialist
    • Julianna Graff, Reading Specialist
    • Julie Szakal, Intervention Teacher
    • Nora Holland, Intervention Teacher
    • Brianne Wittmer, Intervention Teacher


    RTII Process

    The RTII (Response to Intevention) is a process that helps us determine who is in need of additional reading support.

    Student progress is carefully monitored and tracked. Every few months, we meet together with the classroom teacher and make informed decisions based on student work, data, growth and teacher observations. If concerns arise with regards to progress, and a student is not meeting benchmark, we may recommend additional intervention. Intervention groups are small and meet for 30-40 minutes daily during a time block that is a designated time to provide additional support. Students do not miss core instruction. Sometimes students may only need a short period of intervention, while other may need a longer time period. The ultimate goal is to teach and target the necessary skills to help each student become a confident, independent reader.