• The Career Portfolio is a graduation requirement for the students at Boyertown Area Senior High School. Students will utilize SmartFutures, a web-based program designed to provide meaningful career oriented experiences throughout participation in this Career Portfolio graduation requirement. Students will have a grade placed on his/her report card and transcript indicating progress of this requirement. At the conclusion of each quarter and school year, homeroom teachers/advisors will be required to enter either a “P” (Pass) or a “F” (Fail) for each student on their respective homeroom roster based on the completion of the requirements for that particular quarter or school year. Students receiving an “F” for either a quarter or year will not have access to BASH privileges until the subsequent quarter/year report indicates a “P” for passing.


    BCTC students are required to complete their Senior Presentation at BCTC and therefore are not required to complete all of the Career Portfolio components at BASH. There are however, several components of the Carer Portfolio which BCTC students are required to complete as part of their graduation requirement. These components are listed under each grade level information section on the BCTC page as well as the Career Portfolio page on the BASH website.


    Please be aware that if a student leaves BCTC to become a full time student at BASH, they are required to complete all components of the Career Portfolio to complete their Senior Presentation at Boyertown Area Senior High. Click Here (updated 3/4/2020) to visit the appropriate Career Portfolio Grade Specific Information Pages for more information.