• iPad Help

    Split Screen on District iPad - We used Zoom and Google Classroom as an example.  But this trick should work with MOST other iPad apps.

    Laptop Help

    Desktop Shortcuts - Use this video to help make shortcut icons on your desktop for district laptops.

    Bookmarks on Bookmark Bar (Chrome) - This video will show you how to add links to commonly used website (google classroom pages or other web apps) to the Chrome bookmark bar.

    Google Classroom Help

    Basic Views and Navigation - In this video, we look at the basics of navigating through a google classroom page.  we focus on finding assignments and due dates.

    Turning in Assignments 1.0: Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets Assignments - This video will show you how to turn in a google classroom assignment with a google slides document attached.  

    Turning in Assignments 2.0: Outside Links/Websites - Some google classroom assignments will link to an outside site or other assignment.  Here is a video to help complete these types of assignments.

    Turning in Assignments 3.0: Google Forms - Many assignments (especially tests) will use a google forms document as its "to do" work for students.  This video goe through how to turn in those assignments.

    Google Meet

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