• Tonight's auditions for Show Choir and Voces Excelsis are in the choral room 520 at BASH. I will be standing outside door 3 on the bus loop, between the art rooms, from 5:45-6 pm letting people into the building (this is on the Main Entrance/Monroe St side of the building). I will make some brief announcements and then auditions will be held one at a time in my office.  Everyone else must stay in my room and wait your turn.  Once you have auditioned, you are free to go home.  I look forward to meeting with each of you tonight.



    Everyone interested in trying out for BASH Show Choir, Voces Excelsis, and BASH Select Singers has one opportunity to audition.  You must prepare the music, Achieved is the Glorious Work by Hayden found on this webpage.  The audition selection will begin on page 8 and go until page 13. Look for the pdf - "AUDITIONS BASH CHOIR."  The audition will be sung with the music in the folder "AUDITION TRACK."

    I look for singers with good ears (excellent pitch and intonation).  I choose kids with excellent attitudes.  The number of students selected for each group varies from year to year based on enrollment.

    Requirements of Show Choir members:

    Attend all rehearsals

    Attend all performances

    Be willing to be tested on repertoire

    Be able to prepare music on your own

    Be capable of sight-singing 

    Positive attitude and love of singing

    Voces Excelsis is a Select Group of the top Sopranos and Altos in the school that meets during FLEX period.  This is for all my top sopranos and altos grades 9-12.  You can be in Show Choir and Voces.

    Select Singers is a select group of SATB singers 9-12 to prepare you for Show Choir.  This is a prepratory, select group for Show Choir. This group does not exist every year, depending on enrollment.

    Show Choir is a 9-12, SATB, group of the best singers in the school.  We meet every Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30 pm and often perform on weekends and during the school day.

    If you already attend BASH you can audition for me during any free period. Auditions will begin after the concert.  If you attend EAST or WEST you must come to BASH on Tuesday, May 31 and audition for me between 6-8 pm. 

    Please fill out this form prior to your audition:




    Email me with any questions - jbrunner@boyertownasd.org

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