Cyber Program

     BASD Cyber Program

    Our program is filled with opportunities for your child’s academic, emotional, and social development. Students residing in the Boyertown Area School District, who are currently enrolled in a charter school, may enroll in the program on a full-time basis at the elementary, junior high, or high school level. So, that means that your child may now enroll in BASD and receive a high-quality online education with all of the benefits and opportunities enjoyed by all of the other students enrolled in the school district!
    As a student enrolled in the BASD Cyber Program, your child will be able to receive all of the rights and privileges each student receives in a traditional school setting. Some benefits of enrolling in the BASD Cyber Program include access to the following opportunities:
    • Prestigious BASD Diploma earned upon graduation and inclusion in the BASD graduation ceremony
    • Access to BASD clubs and activities like sports, band, chorus, assemblies, field trips, concerts, dances/prom, family nights, etc.
    • Instruction from highly qualified Pennsylvania teachers
    • Individualized learning activities and support for students with disabilities
    • BASD school counselor support
    • Technical and academic mentoring and support from our BASD Cyber Team
    • A high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum
    • Flexible scheduling to meet your child and family’s unique needs
    • Availability of a district-provided computer and reimbursement for internet access
    Mike Stoudt
    Cyber Program Coordinator /  CES School Principal 
    (610) 369-7427
    Rabecca Hester
    Technology Integration Lead Teacher 
    (610) 473-3465