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    Did you know that the Boyertown Area School District has offered virtual learning since 2012?  Approximately 5 years ago, BASD partnered with the Berks County Intermediate Unit's  Berks Online Learning program to offer a cyber option for students enrolled in BASD.  This partnership delivers a high-quality, standards-based program with high-quality, professional teachers. Our cyber program mirrors the quality and diversity of course offerings, programs, and services available in our "brick and mortar" schools.  This option is a complete educational program delivered online that, upon successful completion, results is a BASD Diploma...learning globally and graduating locally!


    BASD Cyber Program

    Our program offers opportunities for your child’s academic, emotional, and social development. Students residing in the Boyertown Area School District, who are currently enrolled in a charter school, may enroll in the program on a full-time basis at the elementary, junior high, or high school level. That means that your child may now enroll in BASD and receive a high-quality online education with all of the benefits and opportunities enjoyed by all of the other students enrolled in the school district!
    As a student enrolled in the BASD Cyber Program, your child will be able to receive all of the rights and privileges each student receives in a traditional school setting. Some benefits of enrolling in the BASD Cyber Program include access to the following opportunities:
    • Prestigious BASD Diploma earned upon graduation and inclusion in the BASD graduation ceremony
    • Access to BASD clubs and activities like sports, band, chorus, assemblies, field trips, concerts, dances/prom, family nights, etc.
    • Instruction from highly qualified Pennsylvania teachers
    • Individualized learning activities and support for students with disabilities
    • BASD school counselor support
    • Technical and academic mentoring and support from our BASD Cyber Team
    • A high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum
    • Flexible scheduling to meet your child and family’s unique needs
    • Availability of a district-provided computer and reimbursement for internet access


    The Boyertown Area School District Cyber Program is committed to providing choices for students regarding their education.  BASD believes that all students can achieve academically if given the proper instructional format, high standards, and individualized instruction.

    Students enrolled in the BASD Cyber Program can complete their courses using online curriculum, electronic communication with teachers, and technical support that is second to none!  All courses are taught by real teachers who are highly engaged with each student.  While the course schedule for online students is flexible, the BASD Cyber Program follows the traditional school calendar.


    The BASD Cyber Program utilizes the same world-class curriculum that is present in the school district’s traditional face-to-face courses.  This curriculum is closely aligned with Pennsylvania state standards.  The BASD curriculum, coupled with impeccable instructional practices, has resulted in an impressive record of academic success for current students.  This same academic formula and level of rigor is also present in the district’s new online courses.

    Program Features and Benefits:
    Each online course of the school district’s cyber program includes engaging and rigorous curriculum that is available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Additional resources such as textbooks, course materials, and necessary technology equipment are also available to students.  All courses are taught by dedicated teachers who received specific training related to teaching in an online learning environment.  In each course, teachers of the BASD Cyber Program incorporate frequent interactions between teachers and students to ensure a rich learning experience for all students.  Emphasis is also placed on the development of a connection between each online student and the general BASD school community.  While all students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as band, music, clubs, theater, and athletics, each student is free to choose his/her own specific level of involvement.

    Students enrolled in the BASD Cyber Program enjoy the benefit of having a flexible course schedule that can help meet the individual needs of students and families.  In addition, BASD online students are able to receive valuable student services such as counseling, career guidance, special education support, ELL support, speech therapy, tutoring, and much more!


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    To Demo the Student Experience for Grades K, 2, and 5, you can visit the following:
    Username: elemdemo465
    Password: DemoStudent

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    BASD+BOL Information Session May 27, 2020 Video Presentation


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