Welcome to 5th Grade!               
    Welcome to 5th Grade ELA at Colebrookdale! 
    There are many components to 5th grade ELA.  The students participate in Reading and Writing workshops, with time to explore skills and concepts in self-selected texts along with mentor texts.  Students receive additional support in small-group learning and intervention groups throughout the day. 

    Mrs. Coleen Crills

    School Supplies Clipart by Bunny On A Cloud by Bunny On A Cloud | TPT  
    2023-2024--5th-grade Colebrookdale Elementary School Supply List
    • Two: 1.5-inch binders
    • One: 1-inch binder
    • Pencil box
    • Scissors
    • glue sticks
    • highlighter
    • pencils as needed
    • One: 3-hole punched sturdy folder
    • earbuds--with wire to keep in school (not wireless)
    • dry erase marker
    Optional supplies:
    • colored pencils
    • markers
    • Tissues
    • Wet wipes

    Thank you!!