Boyertown Area Senior High 
Proud to Present:
Thursday, April 6 – 7 PM
Friday, April 7 – 7 PM SOLD OUT
Saturday, April 8 – 7 PM
Sunday, April 9 – 2 PM SOLD OUT
All tickets are $12 and are reserved seating
Please send the attached form with payment inner-school mail to Jeff Brunner
Once order and payment are received, tickets will be processed and inner-school mailed back to you
Tickets will take 1-2 weeks to process and will be handed out at a first come, first serve basis
PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL TICKET ORDERS  - tickets will not be processed without payment 
(an outside party will be fulfilling ticket orders this year)
 Tickets will be sold every Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM starting January 4 – March 22 at the BASH East Entrance.
We look forward to seeing you at the show!