• Gilbertsville Elementary has developed a consistent set of expectations across all of our grade levels and throughout all areas of our building.  We call these our UNITY expectations, as the expectations form an acronym for the word UNITY.  The GES UNITY expectations are:

    Use kind words and actions.

    Need to keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.
    I will follow staff directions the first time given.
    Take ownership of our actions and learning. 
    Yield to others and walk silently in the hallways. 
    Clip Chart
    When we all follow these expectations, our school is a great place to learn and grow.  Good things happen, such as Students of the Month, UNITY ticket drawings, and individual and whole class positive reinforcement.  In our primary classrooms, our teachers utilize a clip chart which helps students visually gauge how they are doing with following the teacher's expectations.  Here is an example of what our clip charts look like, so you know what your child is talking about if they say they were on "orange", "purple", or some other color.