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    Hello! Welcome to 4th grade! We will have a great year of learning, growing and becoming better readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists.  
    I have been teaching in Boyertown School district since 2008 at various levels.  This will be my 9th year teaching 4th grade after being in sixth grade, third grade and second grade.  I earned my bachelor's degree from Messiah College and completed a masters degree in Reading Instruction from Kutztown University with a Reading Specialist Certificate. 
    My passion in to create strong readers and writers that can clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas to others.  Every person has a voice and I believe that giving them tools and inspiration can lead children to more fulfilling and productive reading and writing lives. 
    When it comes to math, I believe that every student can be a "math person" if they practice and believe in the power of "yet!"  Mathematics can be a challenge in 4th grade but I strive to demonstrate that math makes sense and to build on each concept carefully as each student develops their math repetoir! 
    I can't wait to get started reading, writing and problem solving with you!     
    "There is a brilliant child locked inside of every student."  Marva Collins  
    Mrs. Amy Hager