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    Please visit my Google sites page (link provided below) to view additional course information:
    Chris Grove
    Room #208
    Boyertown Area Senior High School
    9th Grade Modern American Studies Academic and Honors (in-person and virtual academy)
    AP United States History
    610-369-7435 (Ext:3814)
  • Dear Parents and Students,

    It is a pleasure to be a member of the Boyertown Area School District and to help with the district's educational initiatives. Students will learn to think critically about the past in my class as well as make connections to things in the modern world. I will strive to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed and contribute in the classroom. Students will be using Google classroom and other Google apps for education on a daily basis in my class. As a result, many of their assignments will be posted and turned in online. It is important that both students and parents/guardians regularly check the progress of Google classroom assignments to ensure students are staying on pace. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
    Chris Grove