• Vision Mission Goals


    In order to create consistent focus throughout the district, the Boyertown Area School District has created an action planning template. All of our building, administrative, and school board teams have embarked on using this action planning template to create, guide, and assess their progress towards their data-driven needs analysis. All of these action planning tools will be used to determine the degree in which the district teams achieved a set of elements towards establishing measures of accountability to support overall student growth and achievement.

    Each of the action plans will be based upon a criterion matrix that will be used by the district teams as an evaluative tool to assess whether the teams have achieved their pre-defined goals.

    With a consistent Boyertown Area School District Action Planning template, the Boyertown Area School District School Board will have:

    • Enhanced clarity and focus in district purpose
    • Increased focus on desired district cultural attributes
    • Alignment among vision, mission, overall district goals and building-level targets
    • Enhanced alignment of district resources with specific needs
    • Focus and clarity of objectives for discussions and decisions
    • Ongoing performance monitoring, evaluation, and discussion

    Colebrookdale Elementary Climate and Culture Action Plan Tri 2 2019-2020

    Colebrookdale Elementary ELA Action Plan Tri 2 2019-2020

    Colebrookdale Elementary Math Action Plan Tri 2 2019-2020