BASD COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Covid-19 Dashboard

    For the 2021-2022 school year, BASD will report Covid-19 cases via our dashboard. We will indicate the specific building and then separate cases by student or staff.  We will no longer send "blast" emails for each individual case unless a specific district action (i.e. closing a classroom, etc.) is required. BASD staff and families will receive a text message notifying them of any updates to our dashboard at the end of the school day (3:30 PM or later).  Those who want to know the specifics of the day's cases (if any) can check the dashboard.  Everyone will continue to have access to all pertinent data without disruption throughout their workday.  Please note that close contacts identified with any case will receive personal notification as soon as the information is available.

    Tracking began on Monday, August 23, 2021.

         Positive COVID-19 Data (New Identifications)
    Please note that cases reported between August 25 and 30, 2021 are at the bottom of the table
    and listed from Oldest to Newest Case. 
    Cases reported on August 31, 2021, or later, are now at the top of the table and listed from Newest to Oldest Case.

    UPDATED 9/10/2021: 

    If your child has been tested for Covid-19, please keep them at home until you have received all results.  For example, if your child has had both a rapid and PCR test, both sets of results must be back before your child can return to school.  

    If a household member has tested positive for Covid-19, all students in the household must quarantine.  Please alert your building's attendance contact and include the reason your child(ren) is absent.