• FBLA Veterans Memorial

    Project Summary

    Seventy-nine United States military members have lived in the Boyertown Area School District and lost their lives in combat since the Civil War.  Our goal is to build a memorial to honor their sacrifice and recognize the service of other local heroes.  The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) proposes building a memorial next to the flagpole by the main entrance to the high school to recognize heroes of the past and present.

    Background Information

    There have been piecemeal efforts to recognize some of these service members at the high school, but they are not all recognized. The Boyertown History Club and FBLA are student organizations at the Senior High School that have a lasting interest in service and community.  Past students of the Boyertown History Club researched the names of our fallen service members. It is the goal of FBLA’s current students to recognize their sacrifice.  The shape of this project has taken several forms over the past eight years but has finally crystallized into the project featured here.

    The Solution

    FBLA has developed an actionable solution to recognize these local heroes.  Using the skills they learned as students at BASH, Daman Sangha, Ryan Zeleznock, and Ryan Schatz created the blueprint for the memorial found in this proposal.  We propose a memorial bench made of brick and granite that will partially encircle the flagpole at the high school's main entrance.  The bench design is an original creation designed by these students.  The memorial features 8x8 inch granite tiles for each service member who lost his life serving our country.  In addition, the design features over 250 “honor bricks,” which will be available for purchase by individuals in the community.  These bricks will recognize other local veterans.  The sale of these bricks will directly fund this project.  The back of the memorial will feature stones from the original veterans’ wall that stood in this location and sponsor bricks that can be purchased by community members or local businesses to fund this project.  This beautiful memorial will be located by the flagpole at the high school's main entrance and greet students and visitors each day.


    FBLA is selling a limited quantity of three types of bricks that will be incorporated into the memorial.  These bricks are directly funding this student project.

    1. Honor Bricks: These 4x8 inch bricks can be purchased to honor someone that served in the U.S. military.  There are 120 honor bricks available.
    2. Donor Bricks: These 4x8 inch bricks can be purchased by individuals or businesses to show support for the project.  There are 160 donor bricks available.
    3. Sponsor Bricks: These 8x8 inch bricks can be purchased by individuals or businesses to show support for the project.  There are 60 Sponsor bricks available.

    How to Order

    Each type of brick has an order form accessible using the menu at the top left-hand side of this page.  (There you can also find a project overview and engraving examples along with detailed directions.)  Please review the directions in the form and complete the fillable PDF form.  Once you have completed the order form, print the order form, write a check payable to BASH FBLA, and mail everything to the Senior High.

    Boyertown Area Senior High
    120 North Monroe Street
    Boyertown, PA, 19512


    Email Steven Bleiler with any questions.