• No Place for Hate
    Junior High East No Place for Hate Wall
    No Place for Hate Day

    The Boyertown Area Community will be celebrating “No Place for Hate Day” in May. Each individual school in our district has become a “No Place for Hate” (NPFH) school and our school district was the first district in the state to become a NPFH district. In an effort to better include all the community, we are encouraging all local businesses and community members to become involved in the “No Place for Hate Day.” Some of the ways that the community can become active include the following: wearing a NPFH sticker, pin or t-shirt, posting and/or signing a NPFH resolution, displaying a NPFH poster, and encouraging local business or employees to be involved in supporting the NPFH Day. We hope that many employees and community members show their support of this special day.
    Junior High East Resolution of Respect Bear Resolution of Respect

    On May 19, 2006, all of Junior High East students and staff were given the opportunity to sign the Resolution of Respect. Every year, Mr. Ruppert, the school principal does a No place for Hate orientation and discusses signing the Resolution of Respect. It is important students understand what they are signing and that they are making a commitment to live by its content. The 6th grade students then have the opportunity to sign the Resolution.

    No Place for Hate School of Respect

    Boyertown Junior High School East is proud to be recognized as an Anti-Defamation League "No Place for Hate" School of Respect.