Welcome to Colebrookdale Elementary School


Colebrookdale Elementary School (CES) is located in the Boyertown Area School District.  We have approximately 325 students in our Colebrookdale community of learners. We are fortunate to have an excellent teaching and para-professional staff at CES.  These dedicated adults provide an enriching educational experience for all of our students.  In addition, we have two full-time and one half-time learning support teachers, two full-time and one half-time life skills support teachers, a speech clinician, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a reading specialist, and a guidance counselor.  We are excited to have many grade levels participating in our Action Based Learning Lab.  This year every grade level will continue practicing Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII). This RtII model will provide 40 minutes daily of remedial/enrichment support services facilitated by various educational staff members.  When continued remediation is necessary, supports are provided during or after school,depending on the grade level, by various members of our educational staff.  All of these extra supports will help to support ALL of our students to achieve their fullest potential.  Technology will also be streaming at Colebrookdale.  Many classrooms will have access to iPads and iPods, also we have over 125 laptops available to our students.

Safety is always at the forefront of our minds.  We have made a significant safety improvement to our lobby area. We now have two lobbies.  When you are buzzed into the building, you will have to enter the office area.  To actually enter the building, you will have to be buzzed in a second set of doors.  By adding this extra set of locked doors, the safety of our children will be enhanced.  Parents/Guardians will now have access to the Parents’Lobby for parent pickup and such.  In this Parents’ Lobby will be numerous relevant items posted on the Parents’ Bulletin Board.  Please check the Parents’Bulletin Board when you visit CES.

Parents/Guardians are a vital part of any school community.  CES is very fortunate to have a very active Home and School Association (HSA).  CES will continue the many student activities sponsored during the school year thanks to the efforts of the HSA.  These activities include the following: assemblies,fundraisers, holiday homeroom activities, a skating party, a field day, our sixth grade awards recognition program, and many individual classroom projects.  All of these activities will help to enhance the educational process for the students as well as provide a more stimulating educational environment for all.

It is our goal at CES to pass along a love of learning to all of our students.  This is fostered by our efforts to provide a safe and positive educational environment throughout the year.  Parent/Guardian support and collaboration in meeting this goal is paramount.  By working together, we can achieve awesome things for all of our students in our ever-changing world.

I hope you and your family are enjoying a safe and relaxing summer.  Here at school we have been busy making sure that everything is ready and“Expected” for the students when they arrive on Monday, August 31.

The cost of lunch for the 2015/16 school year will be $2.50.  Milk will be $.60.  We will continue to provide breakfast at CES.  The cost of a student breakfast is $1.40.  The computerized accounting system for lunch money this year will continue to be utilized.

A postcard from the Transportation Office with busing information for your child was included in the mailing you received from the school.  The bus schedule will not be published in the Boyertown Times.  If you wish a bus assignment change, please be sure to get a transportation deviation form from the school office or on the school district’s website and complete it as soon as possible.

We will try again this year to be a little more “Green” at CES.  On the first day of school a form will be sent home with your child with instructions on how to sign up for our email notification group.  This form will also have a section that you must complete and return if you wish to receive hard copies of information that is typically sent home with your child.  We will continue to send home any paperwork that requires the parent to sign it and return it to school.  Also,any circulars from outside groups will be sent home with your child.  We do not make these copies, they are provided to us.

Parents’ Night for first through sixth grade students will take place on Thursday, August 27.  We are providing two Meet the Teacher sessions on this date. The schedule for these sessions will be as follows:

Session one: 6:00-6:40 p.m.

10 minute video presentation (principal, HSA, counselor, reading teacher, and nurse)

30 minute homeroom teacher presentation


Session two: 6:50-7:30 p.m.

30 minute homeroom teacher presentation

10 minute video presentation (principal, HSA, counselor, reading teacher, and nurse)


By providing two sessions for our parents on the same night, if you have more than one child, you will only have to come to CES on one night.  If you have two students, you may want to attend both sessions (one for each of the grades your children are assigned).  If you have more than two students, you may have to divide and conquer with other family members.  I know there are going to be parking issues,so I recommend for those of you that are able to car pool, please try to do so.  The parking lot, playground, and Education Center parking lots will be made available to you.

Again, I am looking forward to having our students back at Colebrookdale Elementary School for another exciting and “Expected” year.  Enjoy the remaining days of your summer.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Michael R. Stoudt