Who We Are...


    We are parents who strive to provide an enriched experience at Earl Elementary School. We hope that we can promote a closer relationship between the home and the school, resulting in a cooperative effort so that parents and teachers may work together in the education of our children. We provide funding and parent volunteers for programs and activities that support the students, teachers, administration and families at our school.

    Your support via the PTO helps fund numerous activities and projects throughout the year. We financially support in its entirety or in some capacity; Hawk folders, school assemblies, Outstanding Sixth Grader awards, Earl Senior Scholarship, family roller skating party, sixth grade picnic, Camp Innabah, school and classroom gifts, music programs, Grandparents' Day, Craft Night, as well as many other activities/projects which arise.


    Sr. Co President:Sue Gamler   s.gamler@yahoo.com
    Jr. Co President Steph Hublersshubler@gmail.com
    Treasurer:Tina Brownronandtina@comcast.net
    Secretary:Tracy Dierolftdierolf@edwardsbusiness.com

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the above email address. Kindly indicate in the subject line of your email Earl PTO.