• Comprehensive Plan

    Comprehensive Planning is a single, streamlined, yet systemic, process for school districts within the Commonwealth.  Comprehensive Planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures every stakeholder is working toward common goals.  The process assists districts in managing a plan to maintain compliance with state and federal mandates.

    January 2015
    February 2015
    A team of students, parents, employees and community members are working together to develop the Comprehensive Plan for the   Boyertown Area School District. These individuals will be circulating through the District to gather input from stakeholders. The ideas and suggestions generated through this process will help us develop our priorities and goals. If you have not been contacted and would like to contribute your input to this process, contact Ms. Sheri Piveteau at spiveteau@boyertownasd.org or 610-369-7548. Additional updates will follow as we work through this exciting project.

    April 2015

    A team of 55 students, parents, staff and community members met for two full days in April to read and organize over 3,000 items of feedback we received from BASD stakeholders.  The group worked diligently to identify the following priority areas:

    ·         Increased Academic Achievement

    ·         Safe and Healthy School Environment

    ·         Effective Communication and Collaboration

    ·         Responsible and Effective Use of Resources

    ·         Continuous Learning for District Personnel 

    These efforts will continue as goals and action plans are developed to support each of these priorities.  Additional updates will follow on this website as well as at upcoming School Board and Committee meetings.

     July 2015
    The Board of School Directors approved the District Priorities and Goals at the July 21, 2015 Board Meeting.
    August 2015
    Principals and teams of teachers from each school collaborated on the development of building action plans.  These building plans are aligned with the Priorities and Goals developed in our Comprehensive Plan.
    September 2015 
    The Curriculum Committee reviewed the Comprehensive Plan and PDE Assurances at the September 22, 2015 meeting.  The Committee recommended that this item be placed on the November 10, 2015 Board of School Directors meeting agenda.  Materials were made available to the public on our District website, as well as at the District Education Center and Boyertown Community Library.
    November 2015 
    The Board of School Directors approved the Comprehensive Plan / PDE Assurances at the November 10, 2015 meeting.  The Board authorized Administration to submit these materials to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by November 30, 2015.